Growing People For Life

Hiring: (Getting the right people on your team is setting your soil for success)

The importance of hiring “right” is often overlooked in the short-term need to fill a spot. Hiring should not be responsive to a need, it should be cultural--We should always be recruiting…always be looking for a new member of the team that could add value, deliver excellence, raise the bar and promote teamwork.

One great person can equal three good people…Invest your time & choose wisely.

On-Boarding: (Ensuring you are planting your people for growth starting Day One)

Just like prepping a plant for success, as too should be with your people. We sometimes care more for our plants than our people and “Plant Your People” is dedicated to changing that mindset. Dedicating the first week of the employee’s tenure, follow this easy to execute checklist and process to ensure maximum retention and success with each new employee.

The first two weeks are vital to the success of employee retention!

Employee Engagement: (Watering and fertilizing promotes an employee to thrive)

Here is where we integrate both formal and informal reviews to “Check-in and Check-up” on the well-being, success, knowledge and future of the new employee. Whether a “Pulse Meeting” on a quarterly basis (see attached) a semi-annual review (see attached) or a more robust employee engagement survey (see attached), it is vital to have a finger on the pulse of the organizational engagement to retain your talent through continuous communication, engagement and improvement opportunities.

We grow what we feed…What are you feeding your people?

Executive Coaching: (Coaching employees to meet all of their professional milestones)

Moving an emerging or existing leader from good to great take time, talent and investment. Whether you utilize an outside source, or conduct the coaching internally, being able to “grow you people” is essential to continuous improvement, employee retention and engagement, as well as succession planning. Building your bench for success can be found in the attached 360 feedback surveys allowing peer and self-review opportunities.

As we do with plants, we must continue to foster an environment & opportunity for growth.

Retention: (Just like a crop walk, we need to “people walk” to verify they are rooted)

This is the final step in “Planting Your People” where we take 30 minutes, twice a year, to individually meet and see how the process is taking hold. By now, you would have followed the checklist of “Plant Your People” and now it’s time to have them be heard, valued and respected (see attached). This affords you a chance to determine issues or change course before they become problematic.

Invest time in prevention and retention to avoid time in reaction or defection.