Includes a standard customized and branded “intranet” platform with your specific departments, human resources material, google calendars, community, marketing, operations, customized QR code, Perfect Day Playbook, and Successful Meetings Playbook along with 3 standard digital forms.

Custom - Built Intranet Site: One-Time Fee of $4,995 *

Monthly Installment Payment Options Available: 12 Months at  $415/month

* After your intranet site is built, select one of the three monthly subscription packages below:

Standard Package

Includes these (5) digital solutions:

Monthly Investment: 

$99.00 Per Month

Upgraded Package

Includes Standard Package:

Plus additional (3) digital solutions for your small business and up to 3 Hours of Support. Choose from digital suite of applications. 

Monthly Investment: 

$129.00 Per Month 

Premium Package

Includes Upgraded Package:

Plus unlimited digital solutions and up to 5 Hours of Support. "Garden on the Go" for your small business. Choose from digital suite of applications.  

Monthly Investment: 

$149.00 Per Month 

Need a Custom Digital Solution? Ask us how.

Digital solutions are very effective in improving business productivity.  Most of our digital applications were designed from manual processes by our team to help support business operations run swiftly. Additional requests to build custom digital applications for your business begins at $499 depending on scope of the solution needed and monthly cost applies at $10 per month. For additional work, we also offer guidance and solutions on processes at the rate of $75 Per Hour. 

Ask for details!