Attraction & Retention Sample Videos

Sample 1 "On-Boarding" Video

While On-Boarding typically includes training, the entire process encompasses much more. On-Boarding is about giving new hires all the tools they need to get off to a strong start and ultimately, succeed in their new role.

In addition to training on job duties and company policies, it’s the time to convey a deeper understanding of your organization’s mission and values, and to help build connections between new hires and their teammates.

Sample 2 "On-Boarding" Video

Everde Growers

The world of attracting and retaining talent has changed dramatically over the the last two years. The need to make a compelling case as to “why” someone would “want” to work with your team has never been more important. Job postings and signing bonuses don’t work.

Telling your story and sharing your values as an organization will move an individual from “thinking” about joining your team to wanting to join your team. Make your effort of attracting top talent transformational…not transactional!

Sample "Attraction of Talent" Video

Willoway Nurseries

Take two minutes to watch this short video from Willoway Nurseries to see how the top companies in the industry are transforming the way they attract top talent.

This, as well as all other video samples on our site, are produced and delivered by our creative team.