Your Customized Yet Affordable Intranet Solution.

Here you will find resources to support your people and process sides of your business. From Standard Operating Procedures to Human Resource Management, we help build and customize your intranet site to be the single source location to run your business efficiently, effectively and profitably. Garden Center Space is an intranet platform for the employees of a business to store, organize, share and access the company data from any device within the business.

Studies show that employees spend roughly 5 hours a week searching for documents. With the average small business employing 10 folks, that adds up to tens of thousands of dollars of wasted productivity each year!

Your Garden Center Space will save your countless hours, foster a culture of communication, enhance employee engagement, and bring your business to the next level of success through a digital applications tool box.

Never again will you hear someone say, “Nobody told me.” Like the old Prego commercial—“It’s In There!”