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Aquapots - Watering Made Easy

Professional Grade Self-Watering AquaPots by Proven Winners.

Proven Winners Color Choice 

Proven Winners ColorChoice 2023_24 NV

PW Color Choice PPTX 2023 - 2024

2024 National Recipes and Plants of the Year

Grow what works! Our growers have trialed and selected three unique recipes featuring some of our most popular varieties for 2024. They work as hanging baskets, upright recipes or complex recipes with a thriller. Plant them in our self-watering AquaPots® and you'll have a surefire hit! Check out a few of the National Plants for 2024 below... and be sure to visit our website to learn more!

Proven Winners Resource Guide and Spring 2024 Preview!

2024_spring_preview_4-28 (1).pdf

Visit Proven Winners and their search to bring you vibrant flowering annuals, perennials and shrubs that deliver the most beautiful garden performance.